Sub Men

Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve started to develop a type. Now unfortunately for me the type that I fancy physically and personally are different from the types that A) Fancy  me and B) match up well sexually.

I never thought I had a type, but the more I’ve been swiping, dating and hooking up I’ve really discovered I do. I tend to go for pretty boys, they tend to be younger than me (or look young), I like men that are dark haired and I love a nice bit of stubble.

I’ve touched on my success rates when it comes to tinder and other dating apps in a previous posts. But on my hook up site I get so much interest from submissive men. I have played the Dom role many times and it suits me to an extent. I prefer in the majority of my casual hook ups that sub or Dom roles are played. Maybe it offers me some distance from the other person as its a casual hook up. I tend to leave more passionate but “vanilla” sex for someone I am looking to date and be with on a more long term basis.

I have to be in the mood to be the dominating woman. This leads me onto The sub slave. The sub slave originally started like most casual encounters. We chatted and decided to meet to hook up. I cant really remember what he looks like now. He’s tall with a shaved head, he’s ex army and whenever I got to his flat I’m almost sure he doesn’t really live there as its so empty and sparse.

The more we spoke the more submissive he has become. He started to like to wear women’s knickers, which turned into knickers with a fishnet body stocking then a bra with fake boobs. Now I would never meet up with a guy who started out like this because it isn’t really my thing. I get men contacting me frequently who like to cross dress. It doesn’t turn me on to see men dressed up like that. Its only because the relationship between me and the sub slave developed over time that I’m happy for him to be dressed like that. Now when I see him he likes to wear a full face mask with. At first it was a little unusual I’ll admit, but he loves it. As I’ve mentioned before I do like to cater to peoples kinks.

Being Dom can be empowering. I like telling people what to do and it allows a certain amount of selfishness for me to take what I want. But recently the submissive men who seem interested are becoming younger and more extreme. First it was the sub slave and  the Gay man into milder things then a young bi guy who wants to enter into a cuckold type of relationship with me. He’s super cute and part of me is interested but a bigger part of me craves a more “normal” relationship. Now I have a 20 yr old submissive boy begging for me instructions and to take the keys to his chastity cage. Talking to the sub slave who has been a member of the hook up site for 9 years where he has a “normal” profile and his submissive cross dressing one. He says its becoming more and more difficult to find a dominant man (hes bi).

I have as part of my profile interests that I’m into bi men. I get a lot of men asking me to force them to be bi for me. I’m not into this. I like group fun to be mutual, pretend or not I’m not into anyone being forced into anything. I think this is a reaction to more men wanting to experiment with same sex fun however they feel they have to be “forced” to do it by a woman rather than just letting themselves just be open to experimenting. Or maybe just  more and more men are wanting to submit to someone, and I see the appeal in that!


Author: pozwoman

Just your average HIV positive woman blogging about her life.

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