Poz Woman and the sex club.

So a while ago I decided I wanted to see what a sex club was like. I had been told stories by D of the saunas that he used to go to if he was bored and horny and I had a friend who told me that she liked to go to sex clubs. From both of their reports it seemed like something I would be into.

How it actually came about was quite spontaneous. I had arranged an evening with someone, who decided to ghost me at the last minute. I was frustrated, I had already done the prep work and I was wearing something new, so I searched for a club. I found one not too far from me, about a 45 min drive which on the pictures looked not totally hideous, and as a bonus single women got in for free.

Pulling up I was nervous, like so many sex clubs this on was on the edge of an industrial estate, very dark and grim looking from the outside. I sat in the car for a few minuets deciding if I wanted to do this.

The cloak room woman was pleasant and noticed that I hadn’t been before she called the owner to show me around. He showed me the bar, the range of public and private play areas, voyeur windows, the dungeon, the showers, the hot tub (closed for maintenance unfortunately) and the changing rooms. As I went around I felt a bit like the new kid at school, everyone sizing me up, noticeably a newcomer. The dress code was underwear, sex wear or a towel. Most of the men adopted a towel and most of the women were in sex wear. Id say men outnumbered the women maybe 4:1 and I was probably the youngest there, the main population was 40-50 yrs old and mostly couples.

I got changed into something dress code appropriate and headed to the bar. I could’ve done with a drink but as I was driving, I ordered a soft drink and chatted to some women. They were exactly they type of women I’d expect to meet in a sex club, loud, crude and over the top. While I was at the bar in quick succession 4 men approached me asking if I wanted to play. I thought it would feel awkward to turn down peoples advances but I actually felt very comfortable and safe to do so. The men were respectful and just wondered off when I said no. I wasn’t enjoying the conversation with the women and I went to check out the sauna area where I got chatting to a man.

He was only a little older than me, with a young face, average body and a nice looking dick. The first man to start a conversation and not ask in the first few sentences if I wanted to play (always a good start!). We chatted and joked, we got some water and decided to play a game of pool with two other guys, one of which he told me was his cousin ( I found this a little odd, but they said they’re used to it) after a game he asked if I wanted to go to one of the play areas to which I agreed. His cousin asked if he could join us. I pondered this for a moment and thought, why the fuck not? so said yes. Apparently the cousin enjoyed watching. We did this in one of the private rooms as I wasn’t quite ready for the flock of men watching that comes with playing in the open spaces ( I’d seen earlier when a couple started having sex). The room was dark with a laundry basket, it had anitbacterial wipes, paper towels and sheets to put down on the “bed”. There  is a certain noise the pleather wipe down “beds” make which is not attractive at all. Some annoying, over produced, straight porn was blaring loudly off a screen in the room which I turned off. The sex was enjoyable enough but distinctly average, as we were getting into it he told me he didn’t eat pussy, something I would’ve liked to have been told before we started anything!

We left the room and I felt a little more relaxed (I’m not sure why as he made no effort to make me cum). I wanted to try an open play area, it was kinky being watched by the cousin and it felt like this would be my only opportunity to do something that people could observe. I sort of already knew I wasn’t going to go back to a sex club any time soon, this one was definitely not my scene. It was getting later and the place was getting busier, more single men had arrived.

I played a little with some men in an open play area. It was fun to begin with, the men watching were keeping a respectful distance. They asked to join and didn’t complain when I said no. This was all cut short by an uninvited woman deciding she could eat my pussy without permission, who when I asked her to get off me accidentally scratched my bits with her fucking horrible, talon like fake nails.

This angered me because if a man had done what she had done 1) He would’ve been stopped by the other men because I’d not given consent and 2) He would’ve been thrown out. Because it was a women they didn’t stop her joining like other men before and nothing happened to her after I told her to get off me. They all seemed a bit shocked I was pissed off. I’m not sure why the club owners and the other patrons thought that consent didn’t apply to women wanting to join in fun?

Its a shame really that the people were so off putting. I would’ve liked to have tried the dungeon.  Another reason I didn’t like the place was because I was told by the owner that they don’t allow MM fun in the public areas…..what?!?! I cried. Here’s a little transcript of how the conversation went.

Me: Why not?

Owner: It makes some people uncomfortable, they’re allowed to do whatever they want in the private play areas.

Me: Oh, so same sex fun is only allowed behind closed doors, for women as well?

Owner: Well girl on girl is allowed anywhere.

Me: Right….. why?

Owner: Because people are comfortable with that.

Me: Can you see how that’s hypocritical?

Owner: *looks confused*

Me: Ok then….

It was immediately after this conversation I left. I did not enjoy their archaic views of sex and sexuality, I certainly did not want to be a part of it. Can you imagine if I’d said I was HIV+?!  I reckon I would’ve been chased out of there with torches and pitchforks! I won’t be returning to that sex club or any until I have proof that it is a truly inclusive space for all to enjoy their sexual preferences and kinks without having to hide anything. The whole experience put me off a little.


Author: pozwoman

Just your average HIV positive woman blogging about her life.

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